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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2007|07:32 pm]
I haven't posted in a while. But instead of doing a real update, I'm just going to talk about how I got a new phone. I got a palm centro ( http://www.palm.com/us/products/smartphones/centro/ ) and I really like it so far. I also got included with my plan unlimited data transfer and unlimited texts, so it's really nice that I can mess around with all of the features and not have to worry about getting charged out the ass for anything. My number is still the same, if you don't have it, comment here and I'll get it to you somehow.

Oh and this isn't a "go phone" as danielle refers to them, it's an actual plan now, which I like because I can make calls and texts without being directly charged for each of them.

Also, I have unlimited texts and a qwerty keyboard, so if you have unlimited texts, shoot me a text as I think I might take up texting.
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2007|09:32 pm]
Leaving for a cruise tomorrow morning, my family and I are driving down to Florida then going on a cruise for 4 days then driving back. I should be home the 30th night, or maybe the 1st. I won't be on AIM at all, so just leave messages here. My phone should work for the first couple days and the last couple of days, but I really don't know. It should be fun
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2007|03:49 pm]
It's weird to think that I'm done with high school
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I'm not really too happy with how this post turned out, but I'm posting it anyway [Apr. 1st, 2007|01:49 am]
So I broke my computer by downloading too much. My hard drive was completely full, so the OS didn't have the space it needed to write the files that it needs to run properly. I fixed it though, all I had to do was delete some files. Rather than downloading less in the future though, I've decided that I need to get more space.

April fool's day = free trial period for anything you want. You can try out any ridiculous/controversial idea you want, and just act like it was a joke.
"hey let's try buttseckzLOL tonight?"
"april fools!"
(example stolen from Jay)

The only reason I'm posting this idea on LJ is because I haven't thought of anything to try out, so if this is deleted later, I figured something out.
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2007|02:30 am]
I haven't updated in a while.

Today was pretty sweet, I became A+ certified (certified to fix computers and such), went to Ann Arbor and then watched some Tommy Boy. I always feel like I'm going to write so much more than I actually end up writing.

Daylight Saving Time sucks.
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Summary of today [Jan. 19th, 2007|11:45 am]

I actually pulled a C, but whatever.
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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2007|01:12 pm]
I kinda feel like I should be studying for finals, but then I remembered I only have one that even matters.
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So I got a cell phone [Jan. 11th, 2007|07:36 pm]
I got a cell phone finally. My number is 620-3641. If you have me listed with 620-2065, that's my parent's cell, which I used to carry around at times.

I don't have anyone's number for the most part, so leave me your number(s)
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2006|07:40 pm]
So apparently my parents didn't even pretend to enforce the 10:30 thing. They let me camp out all night for black friday (I just bought DVDs, I went more for the fun of it). Then the next day they told me to be back by midnight.
On another note, it's awesome that it's only Saturday and break goes all the way to Monday.

Edit: My dad remembered his rules, but I dunno how long it will be until they go unenforced again.
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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2006|04:35 pm]
So I got my Wii, it's pretty sweet so far. I have to be home by 10:30 every night for 2 weeks now (and I just got my level 3 license today too) though, since my parents didn't like me just stopping by and leaving a note saying that I'll be gone all night. And they don't even know the ridiculous routes Trevor and I took (Hardee's to Del Taco doesn't even come close to covering it all).
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